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The Trekkhundklubb Triple

A three stage, team up race.

March 30 & 31st 2019

Forest of Dean


A new stage stop style dryland race for 2019.



A new 3 stage (two day / one night) run over a weekend in the Forest of Dean. Stages will include Staple Edge and Awes Glow.  Drivers will run as a 'team' with another driver, with a combined pool of dogs between them. Each driver will run each stage and have their ‘team’ times combined for a total time for the team. The stake out will be the same for both trails.


New classes are introduced as well as a new trial dog sport classification, Skike-jor (dryland off road XC roller ski plus 1 x dog).


The drivers will be able to decide on the size of the team and which dogs from their teams’ pool to use on each stage, it can differ from stage to stage and will not need to be declared prior to their teams start time, allowing for dogs to be rested, dropped or fresh dogs each stage to be used.


Very tactical and great fun!


Awards will be given to the top three teams in each class and also the club with the most points. (drivers to nominate a club to run under i.e. BSSF, Canicross Trailrunners, Wyedean Trekkhundklubb). Each Team will gain points for their club, the 5 highest scoring drivers from each club on each stage will go towards the clubs over all point tally during the weekend.


Race Rules will be based on current standard IFSS Dryland rules with additional specialist rules included in the full invitation.


The essence of the race is to promote a fun atmosphere, tactics and close competition.



roly bradings team ready to go